FOUR Chapters, FOUR thousand words, FOUR pounds, FOUR kilometers per day for FOUR Days Challenge

I decided that people are generally self limited. That a key component of success is to DO something. I’ve come up with numerous elaborate excuses about why I am packing on the cellulite, why I’m not finishing my book, and why I may never really be successful. Of course one of  my excuses is my day job, but thats not going anywhere any time soon.

So I created the FOUR challenge. Starting Saturday 15 August I put forward some ambitious goals.

Edit FOUR chapters. My Beta readers have given me a lot of feedback that I have not incorporated into the story yet. So out of approximately 25 Chapters, I have 6 done. This week I want to do FOUR.

Write FOUR thousand words. There is a gap in the story I have to fill. It may take a little less than 4000 words or a little more. But at least it will be done. If the story is not completed by the end of the year, I will feel like a loser. What happens to Farai when he is chased by Stanley, the crazy street kid. I will know after this weekend…

Lose FOUR pounds. I’ve steadily gained fat in the last year. With that, I gained 4 pounds. Much of that is not due to over-eating. Its just plain laziness. Lazy to exercise and lazy to cook decent meals (so I substitute with popcorn now and then). It’s starting to show. I have a vacation planned in September (Provence) and I’d like my current long distance relationship partner to not be creative about cellulite comments. These skinny Europeans. Annoying.

Enter Cabbage soup diet. I wont lose four pounds, I will lose maybe 6 or so after 7 days and gain about 3 or so back the first day I eat a regular meal. At least I jump start the 2 or 3 pound loss and challenge myself sufficiently. This one Im Ok falling short (over the 7 days).

FOUR km per day and I only have to do it FOUR times this week. If I can do this while on that crazy diet…

I forgot to mention the reward. OK, it’s nice when we can say that we are able to meet the challenge. I will feel good. Even better, I’ll feel ecstatic if I don’t fall back to my old lazy habits. But I get to buy myself a birthday gift at the end. Yes, ok, my birthday is in February but that’s just details…


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