Under the crying sun

My working title is: Under the crying sun.

An 11 year old innocent boy, Farai, from the village is lost in a rough city characterized by poverty, starvation and disease. He has to find his way back home before he is swallowed by the desperation that was Zimbabwe during the economic crisis. 

Some background on this – in this time period 2008, inflation was at an all-time high at 70 sextillion percent and the exchange rate was 2.7 billion US$ to the Zim$. Unemployment was around 90%. And there was a cholera outbreak that affected over 10 thousand people. These are real events.

The Story is written from the point of view of Farai. He is sent to his uncle in the city who would help him buy seeds and fertilizers and is initially accompanied by two adult chaperones. He loses his chaperones, but bumps into two streetkids who take him under their wing and promise to help him find his uncle.He is fascinated by city life such as cars, cellphones, candy, white people but this is countered by his struggles that include convincing people including his two friends to help him, finding food, place to sleep, rival street kids, the money and political situation and his inherent fear of the supernatural, and his inability to perceive a way that will get him back to his mother.

Ultimately the book portrays Zimbabwean culture and experiences during this very difficult time period through the eyes of a ten year old boy.


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